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Why Choose Nielsen Environmental?

At Nielsen Environmental, you can expect a surefire paint-by-numbers demolition and asbestos removal system for both residential and commercial buildings.  Upfront honesty and open communication are our trademark brand: we will hold your hand every step of the way, never duck a call, and listen closely to your varied needs.  Our skilled workers are highly trained and certified in the work they do, with all work areas left clean at the end of every shift.   We go the extra mile for results, and are confident that you will experience the difference that comes with a persistent dedication to our craft.

Your Specialty Contractor In Asbestos Abatement

Over the years we have completed numerous kinds of commercial asbestos removal and demolition projects, and there's no project in these areas we don't have consistently extensive experience with.  This kind of work is highly regulated by the industry and workers must be carefully trained and re-certified every year, including medical exams that are kept on file for 30 years!  Our founder has aligned himself with a proven team of expert asbestos workers who are trained and certified at the highest level, so that your project is safely completed in a professional and expeditious manner.

Certification, Contractor License, Insurance, Payment and Performance Bond

In this highly regulated business, the most important concern is hiring the right contractor to do the job.  That contractor must have the proper AHERA supervisor/contractor certifications, workers certifications, contractors license, and insurance. The type or form of insurance usually required of an asbestos contractor is known as “occurrence”. It protects the named insured forever, in that if this insurance is in place when an “occurrence” happens, you are covered even if the contractor is no longer in business.  Occurrence insurance is usually required at a $5,000,000 level.  In addition, payment and performance bonds are used to protect you if your contractor goes bankrupt during an asbestos abatement project. All insurance may be negotiable, except  for workmen’s compensation which is required by law. This limits the employer's liability if an employee is injured, and guarantees that the employee's medical needs will be taken care of at no cost to them.

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Nielsen Environmental has been operating as a licensed demolition and abatement contractor since 2010. Located at 1043 Stearns Drive, Los Angeles CA 90035.

Our supervisors and workers have over 40 years of experience working for the majority of large abatement contractors in the industry--this means your project will be handled from start to finish by seasoned professionals. Once the job is completed it's just the first step in all the things we can do to make your life better, so you can focus on the more important things.


Kevin Nielsen, CEO


Kevin Nielsen, Founder and Jaime Bugarin, Supervisor

Nielsen Environmental Employees
Nielsen Environmental Employees

CEO and Founder

Over the past 35 years, Kevin Nielsen has literally helped to build many of the landmark public and private sector projects in Southern California. He has worked on the Getty Center, LAX, and Hollywood Park to name just a few. His diverse background gives him a unique perspective, which makes him a valuable contributor on projects he directly oversees as well as those larger projects where he is a contributing member of both the development and construction teams. Kevin is a licensed professional who is active in industry groups, and possesses both technical and construction management educational credentials.

Nielsen Construction

Kevin launched Nielsen Construction in 2010 to continue the company’s long history of demolition and asbestos abatement projects, including foundation reinforcement and general contractor services. Our extensive experience ranges from the interior demolition of metal studs and drywall to the leveling of entire buildings, asbestos abatement, the foundation bolting of single family homes, and the seismic upgrades of large courtyard apartment buildings. Nielsen Construction operates as an open shop and has the ability to act as a sub-contractor or general contractor, that can help save your cash outlay on certain projects.

Type of Entity: Individual
Federal Tax ID: 95-4553863
Date of Issue: March 5th, 2010
Owner: Kevin Nielsen
Union Affiliations: None Open Shop


In 1995 Kevin founded Nielsen Construction, later incorporating Nielsen Construction Group DBA Nielsen Environmental in March 2010 and currently serving as its CEO. Nielsen Environmental specializes in demolition, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, mold remediation, and retrofitting foundations to meet current seismic requirements.  Nielsen Environmental operates as a union shop and has affiliations with Labor's Local 300 Asbestos Unit and Carpenters Local 409.

Corporate Information

  • Date of Incorporation: March 15th, 2010
  • Type of Entity: S Corp
  • Entity Number: C3281479
  • Federal Tax ID: 80-0566468
  • DUNS Number: 833181105
  • State of Incorporation: California
  • Chief Executive Officer: Kevin Nielsen
  • Secretary: Kevin Nielsen
  • Chief Financial Officer: Kevin Nielsen
  • Union Affiliations: Labor's Local 300 Asbestos Unit and Carpenters Local 409


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