General and Selective Demolition Services


Selective, or partial, demolition of existing structures or areas requires a team of trained contractors who will need to work around an often operating building without damaging it. Often selective demolition is used when a building or home will be remodeled or renovated. This type of demolition can involve the interior, exterior, or both. It can also be used to make a building smaller or larger.


Selective demolition involves strict timetables, budgets, objectives, and condensed working areas. The entire process requires care and attention to detail which is why it is so important to hire a qualified selective demolition company such as Nielsen Environmental. Having many years of experience in partial and full demolition, we understand what it takes to get the job done right, the first time. Nielsen Environmental uses a broad range of state of the art demolition equipment to ensure a demolition that is safe, economical, and effective. Our trained team knows how important it is to protect the surrounding interiors of the building, and also takes into consideration all those who could be inconvenienced by the demolition project. Rest assured we will do our best to make as little of an interruption as possible and complete the task by the deadline.


Whether you are remodeling a home, clearing out a warehouse, or renovating an office, we can help with your demolition needs. Call us today to discuss your needs.


Kitchen and Bathroom Strip Outs - Are you remodeling a kitchen or bathroom? Let our team strip these areas back to the room frame so you have a fresh foundation to build upon. We'll also be able to remove any materials, including hazardous ones, and take them to the necessary locations.


Tight Access Demolition - When it comes to selective demolitions, it is common for tight spaces which are difficult to access to exist. We have plenty of experience in this and know who to tackle the most difficult of spaces with ease.


Shed or Garage Demolition - We've demolished 100s of garages, sheds, and other similar buildings for individuals and companies. Whether you want to leave some of the remaining structure for a new add on, or have the entire building taken away we can help.


Office or Factory Strip Out - Nielsen Environmental has taken commercial structures like factories and offices, and stripped them down into a bare bones frame that will be rebuilt upon. We've also fully demolished these structures, cleared the site, and prepared it for something brand new.


Emergency Demolition - Fires and natural disasters can be devastating to a building or home. Sometimes these structure cannot be saved and pose a dangerous risk. In this scenario, an emergency demolition may be required. If you are in need of an immediate demolition, we encourage you to give us a call now.


Why Choose Nielsen Environmental


  • Licensed and certified demolition company
  • Partial and full demolition specialists
  • Over a decade of experience
  • Professionally trained and certified crew
  • Knowledge of legal regulations and important permits
  • Equipped with the latest demolition machinery
  • Implement the most up to date safety protocols
  • We offer honest advice to individuals and business owners
  • Our staff is quick to respond


If you need a partial or full demolition, please call Nielsen Environmental to discuss your needs and get an estimated quote.