Identifying Asbestos in Your Building

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No property owner likes to hear that they have an asbestos problem. However, it happens quite often due to the popularity of the material from the 1920s to the 1990s. The reason that it was used so frequently is that it is a durable and strong material. Also, asbestos was not discovered to cause health problems until the 90s. Now that the health risks are common knowledge, it is rare that the material is used, and when it is, it has to be labeled. However, if you own an older property, how do you know if asbestos was used in your building, and how do you identify it?

Date the Building

One of the easiest ways to determine if asbestos was used in your property is to date your building. When was your property built? If it was developed in the late 90s, then you likely don’t have much to worry about. However, if your building was built in the 80s or earlier, then it probably has asbestos somewhere in the property.

Check for Disintegrated Materials

While the presence of asbestos is common for buildings built before the 90s, it doesn’t mean you have to be worried. Sometimes the material is safely contained, meaning that it doesn’t have to be removed. However, if you see disintegrated sheathing around plumbing insulation, then you will likely want to call in a removal company.

Look for Cracks and Breakage

Beyond pipe insulation, you should be aware of any cracks or damage to walls, ceilings and floors, especially if they are original. Original flooring, wallboard and ceiling tiles can contain asbestos and may need to be removed if exposed or damaged.

Test the Area

Before you call for the complete demolition of your property, you should call in an asbestos removal company to test the areas you are most concerned with. Testing is likely the only surefire way to prove that a suspected material is actually asbestos. Therefore, before panicking, it may be wise to call in a licensed contractor for commercial demolition services in Los Angeles, CA from Nielsen Environmental.

Asbestos is a scary and dangerous substance, and it is no wonder that property owners tremble at the thought of it being discovered on their property. Dating the property and checking for damage are excellent ways to understand the likelihood of asbestos in your building. However, while it is costly to remove, there are plenty of professional removal services willing to help a property owner in need, and these services will have access to tests that will verify whether asbestos is present.