Common Ways To Clean Oil Spills

Oil Spill Cleanup Service

If your company has spilled oil, it is important to do damage control as soon as possible. Instead of doing it yourself, however, enlist the help of a professional oil spill clean up service. They will have the proper equipment and know how to clean up the spill safely and efficiently.

Here are common ways to clean up oil spills.


Sorbents essentially soak up oil and are organic. There are multiple materials used in oil sorbents, including corn cob, straw and peat moss.

High-Pressure Washing

Pressure washers don’t just clean rooftops and vehicles. They can also clean up oil spills. With this method, hot water is sprayed with high-pressure nozzles on areas with oil. The high pressure is what flushes the oil to the surface. This method of oil spill cleanup is best in situations where the oil can’t be accessed by larger machinery.

Oil Booms

Oil booms clean up oil by trapping it. However, they can’t be used everywhere. The method can only remove oil from a single area. If there is a lot of oil spilled into the ocean, this method may not work.


If it is too difficult to soak up the oil, skimmers may be the next best option. Skimmers suck up oil from the water. One of the advantages of this method is that it separates the oil from the water, so the oil can be used again. 


Dispersants involve spraying chemicals upon the oil spill with the assistance of boats. These chemicals let the oil bond with the water by increasing the surface area of each molecule. This method is most effective for oil spills over large areas. Also, keep in mind that dispersants may affect marine life with their toxicity. 

Manual Labor

With manual labor, hand-held tools are used to remove oil from the water. Professionals may use rakes, shovels and even their hands to clean up the oil.

Natural Recovery

If the shoreline where the oil spill occurred is inaccessible, natural recovery may be the only option left. The wind, tide, sun and other forms of nature can cause the oil to evaporate over time.

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