Negative Effects Of An Oil Spill

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When an oil spill occurs, it can be very disastrous, especially if it is near a coastal community. Many species live on the ocean’s surface and can suffer serious harm. Here are some of the negative effects that an oil spill can bring.

It causes health problems in marine life

When oil spills in the ocean, marine life can suffer serious health issues. For example, if they ingest or inhale the oil, these creatures can suffer poisoning. If another species eats them, they can get poisoned too. If the oil comes in contact with feathers or fur, animals like birds and sea otters may be susceptible to hypothermia.

Some marine life may also suffer demorties from the oil, such as fin abnormalities, stunted growth and fertility issues.

Oil spills can harm breeding grounds around the coast. Fish and bird eggs are very sensitive to toxins and can be damaged by oil spills.

It can hurt the fishing industry

In coastal communities, many people count on the ocean to provide seafood during fishing season. Unfortunately, when oil spills occur by shorelines, the toxins contaminate the fish. This can truly hurt livelihoods in the area.

It can interfere with shipping routes

Oil spills in the ocean can also impede shipping routes. The oil can actually cause severe damage to ships. As a result, ships are forced to bypass the areas with oil spills, which can slow things down.

It can harm the tourism industry

Many people like to visit coastal communities, like Orange County, CA, for vacation. They enjoy spending time sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. However, if an oil spill occurs in the area, people may be more reluctant to travel there. They may become turned off by the scenery and be afraid to swim in the water. This can hurt the tourism industry in the area, including hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

Get Help from an Oil Spill Cleanup Service

If your company accidentally spilled oil into the water, you want to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. After all, you do not want to harm marine life or affect people’s livelihoods. Get in touch with a reputable oil cleanup service, like one from Nielsen Environmental, to assist you with the cleanup. They have the proper tools and skills to safely and promptly clean up the oil spill.