What are Demolition Services?

Interior Demolition Services Los Angeles, CA

According to a simple google search, the term “demolition” refers to the act of demolishing or something being demolished, sometimes with explosives. When asked what comes to mind when one hears the word demolition, he or she will often describe a wrecking ball hitting the side of a large brick building. All of these things are true, however, the techniques used to drop a large building have evolved and the current methods have become much more precise. This is true for demolition techniques with both private and public sector jobs. If you are thinking about a demolition job whether for your home or to completely remove a structure, the following information may help you decide on the first step.

Not all jobs are the same

Remodels and selective demolition

Many homeowners have dreams to change the layout of their home but are not sure if they can handle the work themselves. The fact is, there are many aspects to any remodeling job that one may not consider in the beginning. Doing the work oneself can be time-consuming and living in a work zone often creates enormous stress on everyone who lives in the home. In hiring a demolition contractor to oversee and conduct the work, you will take an enormous burden off your shoulders and can focus on other things. An experienced contractor will likely have crews who can do a lot of the work by hand and will also use smaller equipment that will expedite the remodeling process. Some examples of remodeling and selective demolition work include:

  • Removal of entire walls or ceilings
  • Removal of sections of walls or ceilings for doors, windows, skylights, stairs or an elevator.
  • Removal of damaged structures caused by fire, water/mold or even asbestos.

Full demolition

When it comes to demolition methods, one to three story buildings are often in a different bracket than those buildings that are over three stories. Very often, for the smaller home or office building, demolition crews will use excavators, cranes, bulldozers and workers will use scaffolding to work from. As one can imagine, the bigger the building, the bigger the machinery. The former method of using a wrecking ball is not as practical as some current methods. Wrecking balls are not as effective with all building materials and are not as precise as new technology. For those larger demolition projects, many companies will use excavators that have rotational shears and/or silenced rock breakers attached. For very large structures, some companies use explosives to achieve building implosion. This can be a dangerous method as there are many variables that can change the dynamics of the implosion and how the building falls.

There are many methods and machines that will yield the same result- the removal of a part or a complete structure. If you are looking for interior demolition services Los Angeles, CA offers to conduct any level of demolition, it is imperative to make sure they have a good reputation, research some past jobs they have done, and make sure the company adheres to strict safety standards and licensure.

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